Documentary/Kenya and USA/English/55:35/2012

Amnesty International Screening

Brother Time was screened at a meeting of Amnesty International’s Central Montreal Chapter.  Senior Producer Matthew Harsh attended and discussed the film with Amnesty members.


I hope you can all make it out to the upcoming meeting next week!  Details are as follows:

Where?  5th Floor (Rm 521) @ YMCA Downtown (1440 Stanley by Peel Metro)

When?  Sunday, February 17th from 5:00pm to 7:30pm

First Half: We will be mainly focusing on our conversations on tabling, along with previous and upcoming events.  We will also bring some actions for us to talk about and sign during the break.

Second Half: We are very happy to be showing the documentary film “Brother Time”, and we will also be welcoming senior producer & cinematographer Matthew Harsh who will come to speak to us about the film.  The film and discussion will follow the conflict and ethnic violence in Kenya following the 2007 elections, and touches on the aftermath and human aspects of reconciliation after human rights violations.  It will bring some hopeful messages and a good discussion, and will be a good event so come and bring friends!  Please note that the film will begin just a little after 6pm.

Brother Time, or Wakati Wa Undugu (ki-Swahili for ‘Time For Unity’)

A mythic tale of neighbors from different tribes caught in a wider conflict. After the last presidential election, Kenya erupted in ethnic violence. Most of the 1500 killed lived in the Rift Valley, where members of different groups had lived peacefully. Like many others, the two friends fell apart during the post-election period, when suddenly, it was ‘not the brother time’. Filmed during and immediately after the election, the roots of tribal conflict are explored during a journey through the Rift Valley. One who saw the worst of the conflict returns home to see his neighbor, while interviews with Kenyans reveal the political and social causes of violence. Released during the 2013 election campaign, this message of hope shows it can be Brother Time once again.

Though we start our meetings at 5pm, please feel free to come for just the second part or even if you know you will be late!  Please visit our website at (where we now have upcoming events information), but also please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions by email or bring it up at the meeting.

See you next Sunday!

Marcel Lennon
Group 16 Coordinator

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